Lesson Three - Pat B.

I ran out of watercolour paper and because I live an hour from town I have to wait until this afternoon to go and get more.  I loved this exercise, even though it was very challenging.  The first picture shows painting complements into each other plus my yellow study.  The second shows yellow orange then orange study.  The third photo shows the red orange and red study but in the red orange I ended up painting two into blue violet instead of into blue so I have left that one out.  I found that the paper really takes up the paint so quickly that I was having trouble getting just the right consistency so I tried brushing water on the paper before I started and the single sample is  an example of the paper being brushed  with water before the painting starts.

Regarding brushes, I did quite a lot of folk art, when it was in fashion, and we were told to wash the brushed out with soap twice to make sure that we got the paint out completely, rinse, then when storing to put a very little bit of soap on the bristles then shape the bristles before putting them away standing up in a container.  I have had some of my brushes for over twenty years.