Lesson Two - Jody W.

I found it more difficult to graduate the tint exercises than the shade exercises and it all cases I found it more difficult to graduate in the "dark" part of the wheel.    But I did get better at it as I went along.  Duh, "practice makes perfect" prevails again.  I've done 4 of the shade and tint exercises and plan to do the remaining colors as shades.  Since I'm a dyer and not a painter, I might not get to the rest of the tint exercises (as far as I know there isn't a way to add "white" in the dye process...just graduate the depth of shade).  I also found the 7 step graduation in gray easier than the 5 step graduation on the wheel.  I am going to try the 7 step process with some of the shade and tint exercises. But so far, so good.