Intensity - Linda Dawson

Week three has brought us to the half-way point. I am still having a wonderful time working with the paints. I learned so much from this lesson. I have taken several classes which began with the instructions to create a background similar to those done in this lesson but with no instructions on how to create such a background. Janes instructions have me creating almost like a pro, just need a little more practice. And what beautiful
backgrounds they make. My scans were much more accurate on this lesson with only the secondary colors showing some variance from the original. By the time I finished I was getting a fairly smooth transition from one color to another.

Jane, do you remember two years ago at our last independent study in the church that I painted all those 3 x 5 cards? Well, here is a picture of the color scale I have posted in my studio using those cards. There are over 100 card swatches going from yellow to magenta, magenta to blue and blue to yellow. It is actually about 3.5 to 4 feet long. Just thought you might enjoy seeing it.