Printing Exercises - Beth Carney

I am not sure how successful these fabrics actually are. I welcome your thoughts on what worked and what did not!  I didn't have silk screens, so used the ends of containers, bubble wrap, burlap ribbon and the did a little monoprinting on plexiglass.

My thoughts:

With 1A and B…The color of the background is actually a greyed green yellow- so I used green as my monochromatic color- once the paint was on, it made the fabric look more yellow than green and then wondered if I should have used yellow as the main hue.  

2A and B might answer the problem set up but to me 2A looks like a total mess of layers.Not sure if the turquoise blue is correct  Liked how 2B came out.  Could see cutting this up and playing with it. The background photograph has dulled the color, it is more of a deeper navy blue.

I THINK 3AandB might be the most successful in getting the values right..

4A and B was the hardest to get right and at this point am not sure they are right.  When trying to get a lower intensity I used too much of the complimentary.  It looked right til it dried.