Value - Linda Dawson

What an interesting week. I found the painting to be very meditative. Being somewhat anal-retentive I worked the black and white exercise 3 times before I got something I could live with for now. I did have better luck with the colors although my pictures do not show that. The calibration of my scanner must be horribly off as the scans do not even begin to resemble the actual color wheels. Most of my whites to a color look like they are several whites then vibrant color when they are really very nice tints. My red also appears more orange than blue which is on the color wheel. On my black to yellow I did not get those luscious shades of olive that you got. However orange gave me those wonderful browns you got. I had forgotten red goes to maroon, blue to indigo and purple to aubergine. Green also trends to olive into the olive drab and black olive. I also have better shading than indicated in the scans. Two things I did notice. My paints are thick on the wheels thus showing brush strokes and depth. Second, in the scans this appears as tiny black strokes which alter the appearance of the wheels in the attached scan. All in all I am pleased with what I see before me in the wheels I created this past week and am looking forward to creating the other 12 circles as time progresses. I just did not have time to complete the full set this week.