Color Matching - Beth Carney

I had fun trying to figure out how to match the exact color.  The first time I did it, I realized I was sightly off, plus I got my chart mixed up (even when I had it labeled).  Second time I found that in order to match the hue, I needed to gray it down.  That made the complementary color fairly easy, but the opposite intensity more challenging.  The one color that was tricky was the rust (second color from the left)  That actually was a yellow/orange mixed with purple. So the question was how to figure out what the complement was…The complementary color of yellow/orange is blue/purple.  Because my yellow/orange seemed to have more orange in it than yellow I added more blue than purple to create something that might balance with the rust hue.

My chart also has both opposite values (tints and shades) .

Figuring out the opposite intensity was interesting, because you really could go both ways dull it or brighten it. Since the colors were grayed, do you dull it or brighten??  I played with both ways until i got a color that  to my eye seemed to be the opposite.