Check In - Sarah Snyder

I have been unable to post pictures of my work up to this point due to technological difficulties: me, cameras, downloads, and scanners! One lesson from all the exercises for me has been the tremendous importance of light and its intensity/values (cool, warm)/brightness to all the color studies. I have worked on the exercises at different times of the day and under varying light conditions, and sometimes it looks as though I did something wrong at previous times! The lesson for me has been to understand that if I want the purest form of work that I need to try to keep the light conditions the same as much as possible across times I work on a piece - or to understand (again) that everything will not always be perfect! These exercises have been an excellent re-introduction into my surface design art endeavors after three years and a means to learn altered ways of doing things now that I have only one functioning eye. (Depth perception is a .......!) I hope to be able to post pictures before the class is over.