Value - Beth Carney

I found doing all 24 color wheels to be not only addicting but informative.  To begin with,after doing all the mixing I went back to lesson one, I think my red looked to orange not only because of the lighting and computer monitor but maybe-  the red/orange was not enough orange- the two colors looked too much the same it maybe the red not look red enough!! ..... a lesson there maybe?  colors appear different depending on what is next to them.  In some cases with the tints and shades I would use the same color and it appeared to look darker o the tint wheels.

I struggled more with adding the black- a little black goes a long way, and has light handed as I thought I was...I need less!! Now would like to go back and do them all over again.  Some of them like the purples, it is very hard to see the difference. I think the white was much easier...(my last one was the

Loved seeing the changes that took place!!  and ow want to do the whole exercise again!