Lesson Six - Linda Dawson

First pair: Fabric is a hand dye. 1A used a blue mixed from turquoise and true blue. To equal amounts of the base, I added white and black. 1B used the same turquoise and true blue mixture. I then added some green to create a muted blue. For my third color I added some white to lighted the second color.

Second pair: As I am putting this together I realize I really messed up exercise 2. I seem to have 2A correct but 2B is a complete senior moment. I did not use the complimentary color nor did I add an accent piece. I would redo it, but I dont have any more of that particular fabric so I will redo the entire exercise later.

Third pair: fabric is hand dyed. I find it very interesting that
the accdent which wa screened with the same paint on both pieces
seems much moreopaque on 3A while 3B looks like it was done with
transparent paints. I double checked to make sure I had used the
opaque paints.

Fourth pair: Perhaps the most successful to my way of thinking.
Another hand dyed fabric. I think I did a pretty good job of
creating a color that matched the background and also the
compliment of the background.

I have not done the rest of lesson six, but will bring all this and more with me when I come in January. I plan to be working of the skill of matching paint colors through the coming year along with the study of composition I memtioned earlier in an email.