Lesson Five - Kate M.

This lesson made me understand how much I know and how much I don’t know.  I was pleasantly surprised at how rapidly I found the paint chips to match my examples.  But it was an exercise of the brain to actually mix some of the colors, and then create the complement.  I made sure I took my time with each exercise.  Some I had to mix twice or “patch” in with new squares, when I realized the true hue of the chip.  I’m understanding the progression of the lessons.  I never could have begun with this exercise and felt success. 

I also took time to dye some swatches.  I have not worked with ProChem dyes, so this was a perfect opportunity to see how they work.  I liked the results, although I have bubbles in my swatches.  I used flat trays but there must have been some bubbles in the fabric when I laid it in the tray.  I do feel that I achieved pure colors, using Jane’s formulas.  It is a good beginning. 

The most enlightening realization from this exercise was when I began doing my painting, I was getting colors that were already in the fabric or quilt.  So… someone had already worked on the tenets we are being taught.  This was a wonderful lesson.