A New Approach to Color: The Color Constant

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Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 2.09.10 PM.jpeg

A New Approach to Color: The Color Constant


Pre-registration open now. Class materials will be available April 1st, 2019.

  • Online - lifetime access to videos and lessons! 

  • Self-paced. Learn on your own time.

  • 24 hour access to Q&A forum where you can ask Jane questions directly and learn from previous questions and answers.

  • Final review of all assignments in 1-on-1 video conference with Jane.

$30 material fee covers color kit and shipping. Included in class tuition.

Color Kit includes:

  • A custom-printed set of color constant cards, one for each of the twelve Hue families.

  • A color wheel template thermofax screen.

  • A small squeegee.


This class studies complex color relationships using acrylic-based paints. The emphasis is not on dyes; although there is an essay on applying the information to fiber reactive MX dyes included in the Appendix. The class is geared toward any artist with an interest in better understanding color relationships, in order to more effectively mix and use paints of all kinds.

  • Six bi-weekly sessions exploring Hue, Value, Intensity - the three attributes of color.

  • An introductory color “kit” to establish your color constant - including dyed fabric samples, color cards, painting templates and a list of supplies to get started.

  • Video lessons demonstrating how to work with the twelve color families using tools you’ll create. Watch me do it and then try it yourself.

  • Opportunities to ask questions, and get personal feedback on weekly assignments

Limited enrollment (due to the nature of feedback to participants).

Write to me to reserve a place by check, or find out more about the program and enrollment.