A juried exhibition, to premiere at the 2015 International Quilt Market & Festival; Houston, Texas.


Digital fabrics, printed on-demand by companies like Spoonflower.com, offer opportunities for self-expression quilters have not accessed before. This exhibition, sponsored by Spoonflower.com, seeks to showcase the myriad and exciting ways quilters use digitally printed fabrics.


  1. Artists may submit two entries.

  2. Quilts may not be smaller than 30” square, or longer than 48” on any side.

  3. Quilts must be made from at least 50% digitally printed fabric. It is not a requirement that fabric be designed by the quiltmaker, but the designer must credited. It is not a requirement that fabric be created at Spoonflower.com.

  4. No mounted quilts or quilts with “special instructions” will be considered.

  5. It must be possible to roll the quilt for shipping. No hard or breakable components. No rods or weights.

  6. Quilts must have a traditional 4” tightly-woven cotton sleeve (with a tuck sewn into it) to accommodate the IQF display system.

  7. If someone else quilts your quilt you must credit them as doing so.

  8. A short artist’s statement and list of materials and techniques (since this is an educational exhibition) will be required as part of the submission.

  9. Quilts can be for sale but selling is not a requirement.

  10. Digital Alchemy will also be showcased as an online exhibition; with catalogue production a possibility. (Currently seeking funding.) Your entry is your agreement to provide appropriate materials for these opportunities, in a timely manner, and to agree to participate fully in them.

  11. Your entry is also your agreement to allow Quilts, Inc and Jane Dunnewold Studios to use photos of work in promotional materials. 

  12. Please be sure to list your name and the name of your pieces exactly as you want to see them in display signage, and in the online exhibition.

  13. Quilts should have been created after 2012.


  1. Pictures of quilts should be taken straight on, with edges showing - against a neutral or black background.

  2. Include one detail that shows a unique element, stitching etc.

  3. Full view and detail should be high resolution images per IQF requirements - 72 dpi/ppi (standard web resolution).

  4. Make sure the quilt is properly oriented so that when the curator looks at the image the top is at the top.

  5. Name images with the title of the quilt. For example “A Fine Fall Day” can be renamed FallDay.full and FallDay.detail. No names as this is a blind jurying process.


Please email me at dunnewoldj@complexcloth.com.


Submissions close on April 5, 2015. 

There is a $25.00 entry fee. This supports the curation system and online exhibition.
Curator reserves the right to edit statements.

Quilts will ship directly to Quilts,Inc. in early September. More information to come when acceptances have been released.

Exhibition dates are October 23 - November 1, 2015. Work is usually returned to exhibitors in late November. In the case that the show is picked up by other venues, participants will be asked to allow work to be stored in Houston between events. 

**** After paying the application fee, you will receive an email including a link to the application. Please access and complete the application within 24 hours of receiving the link. ****