Theresa F.

Current skills:

In alignment - I love these things -  stitching of any kind - hand or machine, drawing, collage -  these are things that I currently do and want to do more of, get better at.

Out of alignment - patchwork/ piecing and quilting - expressing myself via these processes for me is always a 'compromise'. I do this stuff most often and it's not satisfactory for for me.  I am no expert - what I produce is mediocre.

New skills I want to explore - dying, shirobi, printing.

Skills I have but not used in a long time - screen printing.

Looking at the more detailed list - I had included dressmaking and knitting garments........a tiny connection was made ......... This is working in 2D rather than flat .......I wondered .......... Is this a direction for my textile practice?  Am a little bit excited.........