Susan D.

What Does Alignment Look Like To You?

Alignment for me is when both process and product flow easily. When I can loose myself in it, have fun, be patient with myself during the rough spots and appreciate the outcome. It’s me being me, my authentic self. 

My old concept of perfection, the one that drove me for years is no longer valid. Really taking a good hard look at it this week I realize that my idea of perfection was simply too restrictive and confining. It didn't have anything to do with alignment. It was very judgmental, so I’ve dismissed it.

This was a good exercise for me. It’s always good to see things down on paper. Plus I really like lists and spreadsheets. They help me focus. I noticed that I didn’t include any skills that I really hate. I decided not to try to add any. I’ve dropped them and moved on. The big reveal for me is that I no longer enjoy making garments and that I don’t have too, very liberating. I will continue to sew but in different ways.


To show up for myself and my work.


This piece was my first foray into wall art, a move away from wearables. Hand dyed wool and silk, old threads and found elements. It’s entirely from my stash and I like that. Overall I am comfortable with the results. I learned a great during the doing of it and enjoyed the process.