Sandra O.

Thank you Jane for your Week Six and Seven Lessons with very good strategies.  I didn’t write last week as I didn’t know what to write.

During the two years when I was studying, and from my resulting own journey since then, I have and am still working through these issues in my current practice.  I haven’t done them in as focused a way as you’re directing Jane, and would like to do so.  But with the textile work that I’m currently undertaking, I can’t do that within this 10 week period.  However, the challenges, questions and strategies are certainly informing me and challenging me in the midst of my current work and I believe that I’m growing stronger as a result.

I’m not sure that writing is always the only and best daily practice, during the past year I and others in a small group have been making a daily small collage card, and other artists I know draw daily.  I guess that’s part of knowing yourself and what works best for you.