Carol H.

I made an inventory of my skills and, after rating them, decided that three of them are things that I don’t really enjoy doing any more:  piecing, making clothes and knitting.   I’m not sure I ever did enjoy making clothes! It was an enormous relief and release when I wrote down that these are things that I won’t do any more.   The inventory also made me realise that what I want to concentrate on, certainly for the moment, is working with gradations of colour in my weaving.   This is something I have done in the past and have wanted to get back to for some time.   It’s something I think I’m good at and that I love to do.   It’s a lot of work dyeing the gradations and making the warps, but worth the effort.     One of the things I love to do (and I think one of my strengths) is ‘playing’ and designing once I have the warp on the loom.

The skills I need to strengthen are regarding the warping and the sett in my weaving.   I need to get better and quicker at putting on a warp instead of struggling around trying to remember the order in which things need to be done.    With sett, I need to try out different setts rather than sticking with one I’m not quite sure about.   I’d also like to learn more about colour.

I have several pieces that I wove some time ago.   They are double cloth, using two warps each with a different gradation of greys.   The photos show the two sides of one of the pieces.    With the interaction of the two warps I was trying to get a slightly three dimensional look.   I’m not sure that this comes through in the photographs but it does in reality.    Trying to study the piece dispassionately, I decided that I had almost achieved the effect I was trying to create but that it could do with a bit of technical improvement if I was to do it again.