Sandy G.


1: Skills

    Graphic design:

        Balance, proportion, organizing information

        Color and composition

        Adobe InDesign: good

        Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop: needs improvement!


    Jewelry design and production (beads- not wire):

        color, design & craftsmanship


    Flower Arranging

        team captain on Flower Guild at church

        love flowers….but church can really suck you in, time wise

        i prefer my weekly kitchen window arrangements….



        acceptable at piecing….definitely not perfect…getting better

        learning machine quilting on a 16” machine



        been there, done that….still have a lot of yarn…pick it up to take on long car trips



        people, stuff….i creating order out of chaos! (but if you saw my sewing studio 3             weeks ago you would not believe that!…..and my bead studio is a total                 disaster….awaiting time for a redo….


2: Things I like to do:

    Whatever i do, i need to learn something with each activity…and hopefully build on it if I             like doing it!

    designing/arranging things: on the computer, art exercises, quilt ideas/plans

    picking out fabric….playing with the colors!

    machine piecing: mostly i find it meditative (tho, not always!!!!)

    quilting with walking foot: straight lines!

    hand sewing: Alabama Chanin style; not sure i love hand piecing; intrigued by                 embroidery, especially Sue Spargo style….although i don't know if i have the             patience

    I like flower arranging…but it does get time consuming at church….

    I like yard work: the creating order out of chaos part! 

    exercising: walking, swimming, CrossFit… 


3. Wannabe Skills:

    fabric dyeing

    getting better at designing/sewing clothes


    web design: learning Muse - find it very hard to sell myself!

    getting better at Creative Suite: Am proficient in InDesign, but need more skill with using             Illustrator and Photoshop

    free motion machine quilting

    fabric design….maybe….

    what i want most of all is the confidence to design something and execute it with                 abandon! not worrying about what anyone thinks! but doing it just because I like it         or want to make/do it….it usually takes me forever to start a project as i have too             many choices…i really liked the exercise of limiting choices….

4. Perfection:

my initial reaction to this question was that i don't know that i can achieve perfection….but then, what is perfection…to whom? if i make something that i love, that should be good enough! if someone else likes it, all the better! but should not make a difference!

i think i am a jack of all trades, master of none! I am always rushing to meet the next deadline, make enough jewelry for the next trunk show…finish a quilt for a friend who needs a boost…i would love to slow down and enjoy the process of creating/making more….but i have SO MANY ideas/supplies/projects that it is difficult to focus…

I have started reading Sacred Contracts and hopefully that will help me get a little more aligned!

Part Two:

This is a piece that resulted from a request from Sawgrass Technologies to our Modern Quilt Guild. They do specialized printing: big displays at airports, etc and also fabric for various applications and they wanted to get into the quilting market. They wanted some quilters who were willing to design fabric and print it out on their printers and then make quilts for them to use for marketing at quilt shows..It is funny that this is so purple as it is not one of my go-to palates! I started with a photo i took of one of our hydrangeas. then i designed the patterns in Illustrator… it was fun! I like the result. i think it has rhythm and balance and i like the wonky blocks…I am not happy with my machine quilting! but am proud that i didit myself….