Sammy C.

Authentically me?

Alignment and finding it really resonated as I read it has with so many others in our class.

Jane asked us to think about what is authentically me, what do I love to do and what I’m good at doing?

I love to do –

Watch people, relate with them and work them out

Try to capture this essence of a person in drawings

Make things for people – food, clothing and quirky gifts

What I’d love to do -

I am particularly captured by sunlit lanes of tree trunks (especially Australian gum trees) with their foliage dappled with light. I want to capture this essence in a picture. Maybe all those tree trunks represent the people who have travelled through my life and touched me in some way? I think that’s an ‘aha’ moment!

I am good at –

Relating to people

What I can do –

  • Cook
  • Sewing
  • Crocheting
  • Sketch
  • Fabric and colour
  • Paint

Where does my alignment factor into these things?

Jane says to figure out what I love to do and what I’m good at doing and when I’m doing them at the same time, I’m in alignment. Part of my journey has been to understand why I want to be an artist and why I stop myself from just doing it, which seems so easy for others.

As a part of making steps toward alignment, I have just enrolled in the next two units of my University degree – one of them is a practical unit wholly devoted to drawing. This is a skill that I want to re-hone and utilise more fully as an artist to build a body of work, which is my goal for 2016. The other one is a written unit on art and fashion which marries into my two passions – clothing and art.