Meegan M.


Generally, a peaceful, subtle piece. Love of the cedar trees, now gone, is evident. They are now in spirit form and have become very two-dimensional, which was appropriate for their first phase. But now, I wonder if some expansion could open things up into more joy for you in the creating again.

What if perspective was used to create more of a spatial feeling? Challenge that desire of yours to improve your drawing skills!

Would adding more circular or linear elements of the cedar roots add to this composition?

Have you considered the addition of any non-tree elements?

What would the addition of color do?

I understand you were recently introduced to the symbolism of the vesica piscis, the two intersecting circles that create an “eye” in the center.

How might you play with this interesting symbol and lovely shape?

What other shapes and feelings can you generate using your technique of layering white tissue paper and silkspan?

How many more layers than the present six can you experiment with?

Also, how can you triple the size of this piece and explore its capacity to communicate on a large scale?

Nicely done; in good alignment with your sense of joy and your skills at the time you began, but it’s time to move forward and open things up a bit. Keep going if you truly feel that there’s still juice here for you. Remember what Sarah said: “Trees are patient…they grow very slowly!"