Heidi F.

I am a bit of a multicrafter, I have a background in fashion and I am good with sewing - clothing and soft furnishing. However my heart is not in that area. I really enjoy making cushions, preferably handmade felt. I have been trying to narrow down my desert island craft, and my choice would be felt, beading, embroidery and found objects, that would keep me happy. I still have a lot to learn, and I am not yet a master. I like the quirky and the unusual, whether that be felted jewellery, cushions or wallhangings.

This piece started life during Really big or Obsessive. Trying to use something I had. I liked this small piece of felt, which has been embellished with beads, rope and a bit of stitching. I feel that it still needs something else to give it wow. The white ribbon was needle felted in place and could do with being a bit straighter, string was used for the circles and it is a bit to thick for the stitching to be smooth. But I like it as it is, I might continue to add to it as I go along, but for now I am pleased.

The coild felt bracelet was a happy accident, it started life as a necklace, but I was not happy with the way it had felted and it was too long, so I put it in the washing maching and it drastically shrunk and no longer fit for a necklace (unless doll sized). So I turned it into a bracelet, the join needs a bit more thought, but is currently stitched and I think it could do with more embellishment, but I love it. 

I am my own worst critic, I find that if I show pieces to family and friends, they are always positive. I can't always tell whether they are being nice or whether they genuinely like my creations. Not every piece created is going to be fabulous in my mind, but I need to find that balance.