Suzy B.

 I had a hard time with lesson 6. I just didn’t want to do it! I finally went outside with my notebook and wrote and thought, watched the bees and humming birds and wrote and thought. I think I will get something out of it when I go back over it, maybe this winter when it’s dreary and rainy. 

Quite honestly, I don’t try to analyze my work or consciously think about color wheels, or principles of this or that. I never show my work to anyone until I think it is finished and has been on my wall for a few weeks. Sometimes, I discover it’s not really done and needs more attention. 

This quilt is part of a series I’m doing. Riches to Rags. It’s quite a departure from my previous work. I’d never done hand stitching. I like it a lot, the only thing I might change is the circle at the very top. I might put another raggedy hand dyedpatch there instead.