Sue W.

Week 6 - What does Alignment Look Like to You

I made my skill list, which was very interesting to do - it contained many semi skills as well.  It made me realize the skills like Knitting, Crochet, Painting, Sewing, Patchwork, which I can do; I no longer want to do (will not want on my desert island)

But is made me realize more than ever that Tapestry and Art Weaving is what I want to concentrate on – my goals. It is weaving looms and plenty of fine textured wools for bending colours are what I want lots of on my desert island.

In order to further these goals I need to polish up my skills on Photoshop and quadruple cloth design - plus organize realistic amounts of time to be in the studio working away.

I have recently taken part in a textile exhibition with the following pieces of woven cloth (not tapestry)

(I am still on holiday in France so please excuse photos as from my iPhone – I wove 4 pieces but only 3 on phone!)

I wanted to work with the right angle triangles -

So planning these pieces

  1. 4 square pieces
  2. Work with a right angled triangle motif in different combinations (12 x12 threads in double cloth – I have a dobby 24 shaft Arm loom one of many in my studio)) 
  3. Different colour yarn for each piece
  4. Echo the colour yarn chosen for each piece with a stripe of same colour as triangles in a proportion on opposite side
  5. Attention to balance
  6. Side edges to be the same 2 colours on side edges of each piece: green on the left- blue on the right

So with these pieces joy was definitely in the room-

I loved the time I spent doing them (sometimes till 2 in the morning)

I loved working out all the proportions

I loved choosing the colours

And I achieved my brief

Do I sound a little self-satisfied…

How I want to take this forward – 

Using more colours in each piece but keeping the space/proportions in the middle of cotton and linen – perhaps working with other geometric shapes – I have a lot of playing around to do.