Sarah D.

What does perfection look like to me

Perfection to me is using a combination of skills - photography, painting, cloth, embroidery, printing, weave. I imagine imagery combined with texture, detail, painterly areas. I don't know where the writing (it was on my skills list) comes in but I would like to use it somehow too.

I found perfection weaving and printing years ago. I had great success with those methods. I enjoy designing and making fabric. However, now, the thought of all the preparation that goes into weaving sends me to drink! Its so time consuming and laborious. Weaving demands a lot of patience and time. It can be very frustrating. Part of me is patient and I can do it, but I have recognised it's not enough and it doesn't totally fulfil me. I love it when a warp is on and weaving is going like a dream of course. Especially love weaving on a big dobby loom, as I love the physical side. I love painting too as its physical, it can be spontaneous and quick. You can be very expressive with it like dancing. And I love dancing. That is on my skills list as well haha. I need an expressive outlet. I realised on my degree that weaving wasn't the whole answer for me so I taught myself how to print and started printing on simpler cloths that I wove. That worked.

So for me it's got a lot to do with combining the different parts of my personality and skills. Expressive, physical, emotional, sentimental, organised, humour, contrasts....

Photography has always been a starting point, but maybe I can now find other ways of using it and find ways to use writing too. Transfer printing for example. Maybe I don't need to weave at all. Maybe embroidery will do or maybe I can find a much simpler way to weave and combine that. 

I wrote the above yesterday. When coming back to it today and rereading it, other thoughts sprung to mind. I realised I still love textile design and using designs within products. Not sure if my work will be one offs or designs for repeats at the moment. Visualising the future and perfection, I imagine both. Also memories of why I chose textile design for a degree and a career popped into my head.....because I love woven cloth and pattern. It's in my blood. Of course I don't have to actually weave it myself. I could embellish, print or paint onto it. I could also find other ways of making fabric.