Betsy M.

What I Do Well    

  • Saying NO                         
  • Free association 
  • Speculate in real estate: Buy/ renovate/ sell
  • Think / envision in 3D
  •  Write: articles, instructions, How To, memoir, reviews/ critiques, collate & put together programs (ie. group shows) descriptions
  • Great sense of color/design when working with fiber/ fabric & architectural space
  • Free Form Knit
  • Free Form Crochet
  • Free Form Weaving
  • accessories from repurposed felted clothes
  • Hand process/ hand dye/ hand spin fiber into art yarn to use in my fiber art work
  • Repurpose silk clothes by shredding and over dying for weaving
  • Sew: majored in textile & clothing design
  • Garden
  • Arts & crafts with kids
  • Step up to the plate when stuff has to be done
  • Owned & operated a demanding business working in the building trades/ kept the business end under control along with generating all design work.
  • Worked well with clients/ listened to them and interpreted what they wanted to achieve.
  • Really good eye for making something out of nothing / seeing through the obvious for potential uses & acquiring things for unusual purposes (raw materials) so my work is MINE. 
  • Treat my suppliers well & pay them on time
  • Loyal to my suppliers / generates loyalty in return
  • Give credit where it is due
  • Don’t lie, sugarcoat or gossip
  • Even keeled/  don’t have hissy fits/ Professional/ work hard/ Meet deadlines
  • Find accomplished people and delegate
  • Sit down to work and let my muse take over
  • Click with people who interest me/ have the creative spark
  • Read books & magazines

Not My Bent

  • Painting of any kind
  • Flat art/ sketching/ drawing etc
  • Handy Andy Repairs/ stuff that requires mechanical aptitude
  • Ripping out & doing over
  • Keeping track of supplies/ as they come in/ as I use them in a project / as they need to be sorted out and put away after completing project
  • Finding appropriate markets for my work
  • Computer related things needed for a business/ generating & maintaining web presence etc./ exposure on social media
  • Tidying up upon completing projects
  • Networking
  • Small talk
  • Being around people I don’t have anything in common with
  • Big organized groups
  • Photographing my work
  • Cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Sorting out what should be considered an exploration in a new medium as opposed to jumping in whole heartedly

Been There/ Done That (Haven’t totally given them up…)

  • Sewing
  • Knitting & crocheting 
  • Processing fleeces/ dyeing fiber 

What I Want to Do

  • Write / Publish children’s books
  • Write /Publish Memoir
  • Wood Turning

What I Need to Do

  • Find appropriate audience for my weaving so I can sell it.
  • Sign up for one on one advice at Small Business Center/ Haywood Community College

What I Have Done So Far

  • Have gotten 6 weavings professionally framed & photographed.
  • Have taken 4 more to framer
  • Have resubmitted application to Southern Highlands Craft Guild
  • Am working on application to Artful Home
  • Am taking series of 6 seminars at Haywood Community College/ Small Business for Artists
  • Am taking series of 8 classes for Mac computer
  • Joined Haywood County Arts Council/ Selling work through Gallery 86, its gallery in Waynesville NC
  • Networking through this organization

Critique - “Layer Upon Layer”

This weaving represents perfection to me. After seeing a hand woven panel in a folding screen in a shop, I went home and figured out how the artist had woven one layer on top of another. I went on to experiment with this unusual technique and created this weaving. 

Why is this perfect? Because it involved my mind, body and soul. I was so delighted to figure out how to weave layers and go on to create something totally different from the panel I had seen. It took perseverance, patience, ingenuity and blind trust in what I was doing, as I was doing it. I worked from the bottom up and only had small portions of the weaving showing on the loom as I worked. I was delighted to unroll the finished product and see such a splendid, creation that reminds me of a piece of ancient art found in an excavation This represents a huge leap in my career as a weaver.