Anne W.

I have a postcard size box set of Hiroshige's woodblock prints from his 'Tokaido' series. A few months back I finally got round to trying to learn/teach myself to weave and after a few experiments decided to create a weaving from 'Odawara', Station No 10. 

I have also recently rediscovered, after about 15 years, the more creative side of my thinking I can access by writing with my non-dominant hand. What I have written below is what my 'Inner Anne' said in response to the question, "So what do you think about this weaving?"

I like it, it looks satisfying and complete. I'm not sure if it needs the bottom bit, the blue and green. It needs to be bigger. It needs some yellow in the middle. It would be much, much better to pick your own photo. This was good to help you learn, but it's not real to you. Looking over at the pastel sketch on the box (this is from one of my photos of 'Kayakoy', an historical ghost town in Turkey), that would be much better. Also think about the lives and and feelings of the people who live there. I'm not sure what yours is about except an expression of someone else's expression of what they saw and how they saw. What's yours? This is a skill, technique piece. It's not you. 

It's strengths are its palette, it's structure and how you have matched the original. It's a competently produced and designed piece. I think you did very well and showed you have real potential to take this weaving further although I know you're not sure about that. I would also in another one add other things, objects, into it, make it more you. Break the rules.

Although this reads very differently to how I would normally write when I think and 'compose' a piece of writing, the words feel authentic and true.