Michaela M.

Part 1:

My skills, in no particular order are:


Mixed media painting including stencilling, stamping

Painting using watercolours or acrylics

Collage - both  and fabric




Embroidery - both hand and machine

Printmaking - in particular collagraphs, lino prints and Gelli plate prints on both paper and fabric and then working into them with paints or stitch

Paper crafts - various things such as weaving papers, making 3D items such as hats, mobiles etc.


Jewellery making


Nuno Felting

Making bags

Part 2:

Of these I would say I really enjoy all of them but I guess my real favourites are drawing, mixed media and collage, but with both paper and fabric with some elements of printing and stitch here and there!

Part 3:

What I would like to improve on and I continue to work at is my use of colour and composition which I feel often let down my work.  I would also like to get to grips properly with sketching quickly - I can sit for several hours doing a drawing but struggle to do a quick thumbnail which would often be useful!  I have taken various classes  to learn more about Photoshop and various on-line drawing programmes but still am not very proficient with them.

Putting all of this down on paper makes me realise that I spread myself too thinly and try to do too many things!  I have often been told I am a butterfly and I do get bored easily and always want to try out the latest technique or gadget.  I know my time would be better spent just concentrating on a few of these skills and, hopefully, as I am gradually clearing out my studio I am realising that I can't do everything and I need to make choices.  So I am slowly getting there!

This has also made me aware that I am not really creating that much at the moment.  I am too often easily distracted and not focused but as I am de-cluttering I feel a clearer view is slowly coming into focus and I am feeling hopeful that I will eventually find out which direction I want to go in.