Cheryl C.

Inventory of Skills & Setting Priorities

I did a rather extensive skill inventory and am trying to glean the essence of what I learned from doing such. This is where I think I am today (tentative for now but this synthesis has been going on for months so perhaps I am beginning to clarify myself to me).

I love to piece and am good at it so keep that. Although I am best at designing a pattern to be pieced, I should challenge myself to be more improvisational with my pieced work.

I am interested in altering fabric (hand dyeing, stamping, resist work, reconstructed screen printing, etc) and have average skills but want to learn more so that is on the keep practicing and learning list. In addition, I would like the influence and challenge of incorporating my own fabrics (not just my hand dyed solids) into my work.

The serger has to go. I don’t even want to use it. It needs a better home.

Raw edge applique', large hand quilting (primitive style), and couching are skills I have that can be added to my work when needed. The main technique is piecing.

Try to substitute hand work projects for knitting in the evening and travel.

Quit organizing my studio. I spend too much time doing that. However, do get rid of stuff as run across if don’t fit with what I do now.

Keep BIG art as main emphasis but make smaller prototypes or parts as move up to the commitment of a BIG piece.

Use my photography as idea generators for my work. Sketch and abstract from these.

Commit to at least 4 designs (small or large) in a series or topic before giving up on it. Try to make these 4 cohesive or such that they demonstrate a small body of work.

Continue applying the art elements and principles to my work.

Keep journaling but don’t think I have to do it everyday. That just becomes a chore for me and then I quit altogether.

I feel that I still have too many skills and techniques on my list to make for a concise and clear voice, but progress is being made.