Pat B.

What am I good at:  Weaving, bookkeeping, cooking, horseback riding, sewing, dyeing

What do I like to do: Plan, set up looms, play with dyes, make tools, sew, horseback ride

What does perfection look like: A perfectly dyed piece of handwoven fabric without a single mistake, sewn into a garment with exacting stitching and finished to the point where I would be happy.

Wannabe Skill Set:  be a technical weaver; sew with complete confidence; learn to hand stitch; be able to draw;

I have always strived for perfection but have not reached that point.  I am my worst critic.  I was having my work photographed several months ago and the photographer was telling an editor that this was by far my best work yet and he said to me “this is your best work isn’t it?”  my answer, “I am still working towards my best”.  Every piece I make is a learning curve and I love this.  I definitely want to become not only more efficient but more competent at what I do.


Several months ago I formed a small study group in our guild to study a particular type of very technical weaving.  I have not achieved anything on this front because I realize that I am more of a colour person than a technical weaver.  I love the very technical patterns that are being studied but the time and effort it takes me to think this technical stuff out frustrates me.

I love to weave, actually the setting up is the part that I like best.  It gives me time to think and plan.  Weaving is boring to me so once the loom is set up and the first few feet are woven, I can’t wait until I see the last of the warp slide over the back beam then I can move on to the next project.  It is what I do with the cloth after it is woven that excites me the most.  For an exhibition I wove 28 yards of plain 2/20’s silk but the fun I had with this plain cloth afterwards is what excited me.  Is it perfect?  by no means, but I will keep on doing what I do and keep anticipating perfection.

I am posting 2 finished pieces from the exhibition that I just had.  The first, I am quite pleased with but perfect it is not.  The second is woven with a silk warp and paper yarn weft.  This is one that I am in the process of doing again.  I was not happy with the background colour but rather than use dye I used a pigment system and the colour washed out.  Now I am going to do another using dye and see where that takes me.  Every time I look at this piece, I can see where I could improve.