Maureen M.


I can sew fabric well. Quilts, clothes, everyday items

I can alter books

I can knit, crochet

I can machine quilt but not exceptional

I can hand stitch

I can, glue, stencil, paint on fabric

I can garden

I can multitask

I can refinish furniture

Heart’s Desire:

My list for a desert island: fabric, needle and thread. I could make what I need for clothing and warmth. I could dye the fabric with dirt and leaves. I would not need a sewing machine

A book on gardening so I could grow my own food.

Wannabe Skills:

I wish I was better at composition. I think that my pieces often look unfinished. Is there something more I could do to tell a better story? Is the work interesting enough? Does it need another layer? Should I make it more complex or is that just throwing stuff on the wall?


In my mind’s eye I see a piece approx. 20x20, colors are deep blue, rust, cream. There are pieces of worn fabric, hand stitches, paint, movement, texture. It is not pristine but workmanship is excellent.

I love working with my hands not using a lot of technology. I have a fancy sewing machine that does wonderful embroidery but that doesn’t appeal to me. I love rustic, not brand new. I love to alter my fabric naturally either by stitch, paint or natural dyes.

Reaching Perfection: Who am I trying to please? Some unknown viewer or myself? If I am happy with it shouldn’t that be enough or am I not getting the full picture?

Perfection in the Past: I made beautiful quilts, perfect corners, some I handstitchedking size even. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that anymore. What do I want to do now? I still want to work with fabric, I tried paper and it is not for me. I want to really explore eco dyeing. To learn more about the different plants and how they react with different fabrics.

I can’t believe how much I am enjoying this writing, even if my hand writing is woefully bad.

Fig-1 Reasons I like this, there is texture, a theme, circles, movement a feeling of water moving, Each part has activity.

Fig-2 Things to improve on. Design is too simple, needs more stitching, no life, no movement.I thought the gold squiggles were good at the time but now they don’t seem integrated into the piece.This is where I need to improve my composition skills.