Deb S.

This assignment reminded me that it is harder to self critique your work than it is ask friends for feedback, and the results are harsher and more meaningful.  I thought I better do this before the current piece I’m working on is complete.  It gave me the opportunity to spot several areas I thought needed revision.  I won”t share the “before” photo, but sitting down and describing in writing what I saw gave me more objectivity.  I had also been influenced by a desire to finish.

Written Description of “Angst Among the Onions”  

Size  30X30

Three bulb like figures each a separate colors: yellow , blue and green.

Two Horizontal pieces  near the bottom with different fabric from the upper portion of background fabric.  One is lace  and the second is a more solid piece consisting of yellow, green and blue.  The background fabric on the upper portions is predominately blue and green with a lot of movement and texture.  

Four partial squiggle lines mid-line of piece

The bulb motif. 

 Principles of design I see included: Repetition, Unity of color, focal point. 

I think I carried out the intended meaning for the challenge Trying to be Green:

My Statement:  Green is made from mixing two different hues, blue and yellow.  When we are trying to be green, one could say, we are looking for our own identity.  We are no longer our parent’s colors of either blue or yellow, we are separate and different, we are GREEN.  We are independent.  With independence comes growth, and personal growth culminates in the recognition of our authentic self.

 Things to improve:  

Provide a more grounded feeling: Cover lower level with lace to eliminate stripe feeling.

Avoid having the eye travel across the middle, Remove four partial horizontal squiggle lines from the middle of piece and place two about 3 inches lower, emphasis is more diamond shape with the top and bottom of the green bulb included.

Remove free motion stitching with tension issues. Re-due using improved tension. Additional stitching needed around open perimeter areas.

I’m glad I put the extra effort into this, I’m still not finished, there is hand stitching I’m going to add within the lace and add a facing.  One of the requirements of their challenge was to use re-purposed fabric.  All the fabrics were re-purposed, but the lace has special meaning to me because it is left over from a dress my mother made to wear to JFK’s Inaugural Ball.