Sandy G.

Alignment to me means:

This was an interesting assignment for me because I traveled between, “Oh, this will be fun, or easy, or Uh Oh. and then, Oh No.  Then I realized that in order to give me honest feed back this must be broken down into parts because just maybe I could be wrong in my thinking.  So I listed my skills, nothing new there. Next was using the Desert Island Test on a scale of 1 to 5, nothing new there.The Wannabe Skill list were all skills that I needed to better perfect my first choice skills.  In most cases, I, at one time or another have taken classes to do this but not to the extent of trying to master them due to time or money constraints.  Returning to my notes and under‘where I am not aligned’ was that word “Time”.  Everything else fit perfectly. So I whittled away until the ‘Ah Ha’ moment hit right between the eyes.  “Step foot into my studio and stay there for a designated amount time”  And to make it work better is to have everything ready and within easy reach with what I am going to be working with.   The other idea, that belongs to Heather (Thank you) is to have square pieces of pastel paper with pastel pencils (never used the pencils before), set the Time Timer App(LOVE this app) for ten minutes and play with abandon. I am thinking that this may help me get over the thought lurking in my mind that yells, “no time to do art unless I have all morning.” And it would tickle my husband to come home and find that I have played ……..even if dinner is not even thought of.

When and How do I feel one of my art pieces is perfect?  My first thought was, ‘when it is done correctly and looks as neat on the inside as it does on the outside’, because, even as a child this is what I strongly felt.  I was a neat child even when playing in the dirt and mud. Now this makes sense, at least to me, with sewing, knitting, and weaving but it is a whole new ball game when painting and/or in making mix media art.  Sooooo that is where the critique checklist will come in handy.  It has been a very long time since playing around withmix medialike my incomplete item in Lesson 5 so this checklist will come in handy when I return to finish it.  I have nothing to show to critique that I have made, except for weavings and knitting and they really do not count.  Sadly the other items are in storage which means I get to begin new projects with new ideas, and new thinking skills.