Wendy D.

Alignment and the Concept of Perfection

The skills inventory list is a great exercise! Especially in discovery of where your true alignments (ie skills: existing, need improving and wannabee!) are. Revisiting it periodically is also a great way to declutter... and oh my! with all the tantalizing opportunities that feed into our day, any excuse to declutter our thinking is awesome. 

and..  'thinking' about what perfection is to me, was also a good exercise... though I am pretty sure that we all 'strive' for this, achieving it or trying to define it, was an interesting task. 

What would perfection look like?

This is a bit of a paradox for me… for though I can visualize what perfection might look like and strive to achieve it; it is always something to reach for rather than accomplish. No matter how well a piece may turn out, there is always something more, something less, something different I would do next time. Therefore, achieving perfection would be the end rather than the beginning or continuation of something more. 

So I rather define perfection as this…

Perfection would look like a transformative piece that began from an inspiration, grounded in an experienced moment, that evolves as the desire to express it, unfolds. 

What I hope to achieve with my work is to allow that inspiring moment to move from my thoughts, through my heart,  to my fingers. The story, the expression and the journey that connects my head, my heart and my hands… is 'the perfection'. Being able to use my skills, available materials and problem solving  to create this is 'my striving for perfection'. 

And… though I strive for this.. there is ALWAYS room for improvement.. and always should be.  

Sitting with my Work… I do this.

Validation from external sources only ever comes after I have finally reached a place of ‘comfort with exposure’… In other words, I sit with my work for extended periods of time, (maybe too long sometimes!). Often walking away from it, coming back to it, spending time with it during different lighting through the day… sometimes taking photos  to help distant me from the ‘up too close and personal’ feeling. Allowing me to see the work from a different  perspective. 

Perhaps this process is about seeking perfection… but if something within my work isn’t sitting well with me, it will not leave the studio until I have found my own 'comfort with exposure' before inviting the external world to take a look. At the same time, I know there will always be something more I would do differently next time...