Trisha S.

It is important for me to say I have been trying to transition from over 40 years work with cloth and stitch into working with paint and collage for some considerable time now. 

I have followed with interest and admiration the content which people have posted over the last 6 weeks but decided for myself I needed to stay with my own experiences until now.

What I have learnt about my process so far:-

  • Don't turn on the computer first thing in the morning
  • Write my pages first
  • Limitations are good
  • I don't need to know where the work is going to end up I  just need to know where I am now and perhaps - but not always- where to go next
  • Do lots of looking and thinking
  • If I am not sure do nothing
  • Keep lots of stuff going at the same time - it helps with the flow and stops me getting stuck on one piece
  • Be prepared to "not know" and be happy with that
  • Be aware that answers are not always going to come from the rational mind - allow myself to catch my intuition when it isn't looking and respond accordingly
  • Creativity is the unfolding of my universe

I would like to acknowledge what a tremendous leap this has been for me to be able to articulate my unfolding process.   Thank you Jane and everyone on the course for supporting my journey to this stage.  Looking forward to the next few weeks....