Robin F.

Perfection & Evaluation

The word perfection is not something that I would have associated with my art. It sounds a little scary to me & from my prairie roots a little like bragging. If you set yourself some goals to become proficient at something then perfection does enter into the picture or what is the point. To become good is to perfect.  In writing these few sentences I am a little more comfortable with the word perfection. Perhaps the reason I am not comfortable with perfection is the “failure devil” has been sitting on my shoulder again. You are right Jane he does arrive every once in awhile but knowing that now & acknowledging it, I am confident enough to push the negative thoughts aside.

Being able to push it aside is huge for me. It is the writing that is making it a reality

I have downloaded the criteria for Visual Critique & used it to evaluate a quilt that I was not totally happy with. I could not figure out why or what the problem was. I found this to be a very valuable tool & will be using it moving forward. I have never done that with one of my pieces. It is interesting to do a critique on your own work. Even though I had done the work, the critique questions allowed me to stand back & look at it with a different set of eyes. I don’t know if that makes sense but I am thinking of trying the design again with the new information that I have learned from the critique page. My evaluation is the bottom third of the quilt on the left hand side hand  could use more value & colour contrast. A visual bridge may help & a lot less orange or different values of orange. I was pleased with the workmanship.