Rita H.

I’ve been all over the place about this lesson and writing a lot.  Alignment sounds so wonderful and as I work through the exercises I find myself trying to steer into a direction – find a voice – and once I think “Aha there it is”, I see something else that excites me and then I want to try that.  Sort of like a crow that likes shiny things. This art journey is pretty new on one hand, and on the other, I’m not a spring chicken anymore, so I would like to get good at something I really love to do that I do well.  I just took a one day mono-printing class last Friday, and loved it, but not until the end when I saw how it all came together.  I have no idea how to incorporate this into my work right now, and that will set me on another journey. More supplies to buy.  How do I know if this is something I want to pursue? I have a lot more writing and reflecting to do on this topic.  Is it ok to just relax, and keep showing up, and doing the work even if it is not in a linear fashion?

Part 2:

Sitting with my piece, Pure Joy was great because there was a lot about this piece that bothered me, and I never voiced it until now. This was a homework assignment for an online class, and it evolved into a life of its own.  It was completed in relatively short time and was a big jump for me to try something like this. When sharing it with others, my friends who had never seen anything like this before just loved it.  It has been shown in a couple of local venues. But with “real” artists it is another story, I don’t get the same vibe, just a polite nod. It’s cute, and that is not enough for me.

Alignment:  Here I combined my love of my vintage photographs in a textile piece.  Although there is no piecing (which I love) in this, I did enjoy using interesting fabrics and creating a different world for us to be in.  I did enjoy playing around with the free motion quilting. I used a different technique to assemble this, fusing piece by piece onto batting that is already fused onto the backing.  Then quilt as you go.  I thread-painted the sandals red so they would pop, so it seemed like Mom and I were wearing the same color that day, (of course it is a b&w photograph.)  After it was completed, I noticed that I used the same symbol for houses that I used in an earlier piece.  It gave me the idea to explore this in the future, houses, because we have lived in so many of them.

Weaknesses: It seems very naïve to me.  Just to print a photo on fabric then fuse it onto a background, and stitch outlining it.  Too literal.  I am not confident in reinterpreting a scene in my own way. I was frustrated that I didn’t do anything interesting with the figures.  My non-skills in Photoshop really bother me.  I am not impressed with the quilting I did on the street, or the street itself. Ditto for the sky and sun.  It is not quite folk-art like, just not interesting to me.  Trying to find a style, but not here.

 Perfection:  It was a piece I enjoyed, I did it in a short amount of time, I did try something new.  I had fun with the colors, and the red bouncing around. But now I see that good art takes TIME, and I am learning that anything I do I have to commit to and not just finish it to get it done.

I would like feedback on this piece, as I want to use other photos like this, but in a more creative, artistic way.  I follow other artists who do this type of theme, and I want to do what they do, but don’t want to copy and mimic.  Maybe I do need to do that first, sort of like an oil painting student having the assignment of copying a Rembrandt.

What would I do differently?  Spend more TIME.  Create a more interesting background.  Get what I needed from Photoshop to improve the image.  Do more reading, researching, learning about free motion quilting.