Gail G.

  1. I find it very difficult to accept the journal writing--it is very exposing and personal; however I do think it is THE key to development.
  2. I now have 2 new pieces on the go which is wonderful.
  3. I am now clearer about want I want to do; no more quilting, no more embroidery as such (although still participating), willing to promote critique in our group ( I shall have a go).
  4. I understand that this is about profound life changes as well, which is what I wanted.

Nuff about myself: here are some comments on the red flag piece:

  1. Lots of space required.
  2. Could be hanging in space.
  3. Concept is important, and shall try to articluate: at the floating forms constrained by links...
  4. Collage is okay.
  5. Neatness is secondary.
  6. I want to make an impact.