Alicia C.

I have been struggling with this week’s assignment. I started thinking and listing my list of skills and what came up for me was my professional work as a school administrator so being organized, delegating, problem solving, writing as a communication vehicle and strong interpersonal skills was in my list. thinking of my artistic journey what came up was mostly techniques that I have learned and practiced as a result of workshops I have taken. I am enclosing pictures of two works that as suggested I have looked at over several days to assess strengths and weaknesses and for these it again comes up to a technique I really enjoy - deconstructed screen printing but then questions come up are they finished, do I go back in and add different colors, do I stamp, paint. The second piece where I discharged and then stamped, same question is it finished. Clearly a skill I want to possess is the ability to use writing as a way to self reflect and that it becomes better aligned in my artistic creative journey.

P.S. in going back to the previous assignment big..small..obsessive I am also enclosing a small collage card using hand dyed/painted fabric as well as paper that I made.