Debbie E.

A very interesting week for me. It was so useful to write down what I love to do and realised for me how exciting I find dyeing fabric and tray dyeing large pieces of cloth in different ways and how the anticipation of unveiling to reveal what is there is what I love the most. I will spend more time on this now as I love it. 

I would also like to build up layers and textures within my work and will work towards this by developing these skills. I also want to put energy into my work and think this will come from creating the fabric.

There were a lot of things I do well, making bags, quilting etc but these do not give me the heartfelt warmth that I get from creating fabric, a very interesting exercise and love that I have it all in writing. I am finding out so much about myself.

Writing out what matters to me, family, friends, running, creating, nature, travel. This made me think about the Kuna Indians reverse appliqué that I love to look at and bought a piece of their work and I love this and the story, very interesting that I wrote this down again hidden clouds and depth in work.

I have had my niece round this week and we have done some screen printing together and also painted a design on a t shirt for her to wear to school for children in need.

What would perfection in my work look like it I achieved this?

Fantastic fabrics with depths of colour, that I can use to develop and create lovely landscapes and forests, a calm place to look at and explore. One day I hope to get to this place.