June M.

This was a very difficult lesson for me. I am struggling mightily for alignment. I love having a word for it now.

To start, I did my skills inventory. Doing the inventory made me realize that I have good technical skills, sewing, piecing, quilting, hand embroidery, dyeing and color mixing. I follow instructions well. I execute patterns brilliantly and can often figure out how something is done without a pattern. My management and computer skills are good. I can do a heck of a spreadsheet! I lack drawing and design skills.

When I was younger I played the violin. I could read the music and make the notes. After years of practice I played even played in tune most of the time. As an adult I took lessons from a wonderful musician who played in the Symphony and in a Bluegrass band. He was everything I wanted to be in a musician. I appreciated the classical music but also wanted to experience the fun and freedom of Bluegrass. It is all about improvisation. He tried to teach me. After many attempts he said I would be the only Bluegrass musician in the world who had to bring a music stand on stage. I had to laugh at that because he was right. I had the technical skills, I didn't have the soul for it at that time. That's where I am with my art. I have good technical skills and I am searching for my soul.

Many of the things we've touched on in this class I already had floating around in my head. Writing about it has made it real. When I think about what I love to do, I love it all. Mostly I love to learn something new, to try something hard and know I conquered it. I love the process and that may be enough. I need more reflection and writing. I'm not ready to commit to what's ahead. It's still an open question. It is my Bluegrass challenge.

As for a piece of work to share, I have not done any significant fiber work for a while. I recently took a mixed media class on collage and am sharing that piece. The instructor brought the supplies so I was working with limits and that was good. I love Kokopellis and they are one of the few things I am comfortable drawing. I love the joy of these figures. I feel that in this piece when I look at it. I like the airy look of the trees and the contrast between sky and ground. Looking at the Kokopelli next to the trees it's a giant. If it were smaller it would be more in proportion. The Kokopelli also fades into the ground. If I had considered a light source it could have been highlighted and there could have been more variation on the ground to make it more interesting. Even with flaws, I enjoy this piece, maybe because I really enjoyed the class and felt very free in it.