Darlynn E.

I really found this concept of Alignment fascinating. I am still struggling with learning to make and take time. I liked making the list of things I am good at, and things I wannabe good at because I found that there are similarities. It’s all about getting to that “perfection” stage.  One of my problems is that I want to try everything. Trying to focus myself and limit my global thinking is difficult. It all goes back to an early lesson of setting priorities.  This was a quilt I made for my Art Group . It was a challenge called “Self Portrait.” I didn’t want to do a typical portrait so I chose to depict myself at a Quilt Show viewing a quilt.  I wanted to create a whole cloth quilt using quilting stiches as the main focus. I like the theme of using the sections of the shell to highlight different stitches and colors. I used Shiva Paint Sticks in the border to continue the circle theme. I really like this quilt but would have been happier if I could have somehow made the sections of the shell more prominent. Perhaps I could have achieved this with adding some beads that had more sparkle to them. 

Even though I loved the first Contemplation quilt I felt I could somehow improve on the dullness of the circles and decided to try another Contemplation Quilt. I used a couching technique and created my circles using Metallic yarn and graffiti quilting. The subject of the portrait this time was my granddaughter. The circle theme was extended to the border by couching circles. The final sparkle was added with crystals. I have found by doing these two quilts that one of the things I love to do is free motion quilting when it is actually part of the original piece, instead of the finishing touch.  I am still analyzing on how I could improve and make it better.