Barbara D.

As I work on our lesson about what Alignment looks like to each of us.  Well, I am reminded to cherish my family, my friends – tellthem oftenhow impossibly important they are … then enlarge that circle and continue to do the right thing, to work hard and be my best self.  That is my alignment.

There are three of us in this CST class that are also dear friends – we meet weekly to discuss the details and share our intimate thoughts of each lesson.  It’s a wonderful time one I would not miss.  We are learning so much about each other and have a safe place to echo our thoughts.

Part 1:  Skills

  • I’m a good wife, friend and neighbor.
  • I'm a good equestrian- accomplished yet constantly realizing there's always more to learn in the refinement of my skill set and that of our horses.
  • I’m a good cook, gardener and well skilled in my profession.

As I compose this list, I must take a moment to acknowledge how grateful I feel.   I live a full and blessed life.

  • Relative to my artwork, I have a good use of color.  I am solidifying my skills in dyeing fabrics.  I am skilled in most components of actually sewing and construction skills.  

Part 2:  Heart’s Desire

As I rate my skills, my art work is much lower on the list that I would like it to be.  However, I also realize that my art provides a quiet contrast to the active physical life of the commitment we have to the ranch.  It’s contemplative and rewarding in the processes.  It’s an avenue where I build and enjoy my skills and the friendships of those with the same interests.

Part 3:  Wannabe Skills

Initially, when I first began to discover the limitless artistic design methods, I wanted to learn them all.  I found myself experimenting (which I liked first) on all of them.  Recently, I have reined myself in and decided to look around and choose one method at a time, then slowly build my repertoire of skills and they are accomplished.  I want to feel like I have a good understanding of each concept before I go onto the next.  And importantly, how to use each of those methods in my work.

  • I want to learn more principles of design and be able to transfer that concept into each piece.
  • I want the intuition  to know what needs to be done next for an impactful visual effect. 
  • I want to take my artwork to the next level.  I am committed to that goal.
  • I want to strengthen my style and voice.  This is where I struggle the most.
  • I want to be more compassionate and graceful.
  • I want to be accomplished at whatever I choose to undertake.  Whether it be with my art work, my profession, with my family, as I cook, as I ride … whatever it is.  It’s my inner desire to be the best I can be at what I choose to do. 

Part 4:  Perfection

Perfection to me is BALANCE.  It is a quiet soul and a peaceful mind – harmony in my life.

So … if I take “balance” and transfer it to my artwork – then I need to create each piece with balance as the core of the composition. 

Part 2 – Sitting with your work.  This is one of our Study in Color series completed earlier in the year.  In review, I like the piece as a whole – it has good eye appeal from a distance although without the right light can look a bit dark.  I feel like it was a simple piece to construct and “get done”.  If I created this piece again, it could hold a bit more detail for close up eye appeal. 

Copper Patina – 2016

Copper Patina – 2016