Jane M.

Here is where thinking about alignment has taken me.

I have thought a lot about alignment and what I think of as perfection and realise that I am in a quandary over which way to take my felting. I make two types of pieces: pieces naturally dyed after felting and those using bought dyed materials . No real reason not to continue the two in parallel, except I feel guilty when I use the bought materials. Even when I think what I have made is good , I am thinking but it's not naturally dyed that is what you want to do ! I think I have a natural dye committee !! 

In addition I have developed two different techniques for the two different processes . Not deliberately it just happened. I have a fluid flexible very easy to manipulate technique with coloured materials and a far more cumbersome technique when I used natural dyeing.

I am beginning to think this is a mistake , my natural dye technique results in a beautiful collection of shades of colours but with only a limited range of actual colours in each piece , so have the tendency not to be very exciting or dynamic. The felting technique gives far less scope and is far more difficult. 

Maybe there is a way to merge the two .  

To do this I would have to pre dye the raw materials, fibres fabric and yarns . I could then use my easy flexible felting technique on this naturally dyed raw material . If I dye my mixed natural materials in the same dye pots I will get the same beautiful collections of shades but have a far greater scope to make exciting lively pieces.

This would make enable me to make to connected pieces, natural and commercial dyed that were part of a family which they are currently not. I think this would be on its way to perfection for me. 

Lots of experimentation ahead ! I am very excited , I just need to sort my studio out before I start. 

Make Time to think

Make Time to combine and meld 

The best of both worlds