Carla D.

What Does Alignment Look Like for You? 

When I first read the essay on alignment, I really struggled with it.  It's just not easy for me to think about my own skills.  I did make a list and I did think about what I love to do and what I want to learn. 

But what really hit me was the paragraph that said, "Being in alignment doesn't mean you're always happy and in love with the task at hand.  It does mean you do the tedious stuff willingly because you know it's a non-negotiable part of making.  Plus you're pretty sure it will be worth it." 

The work I have been doing in the last few years is tedious to say the least.  I use Aquamesh, small pieces of fabric, tweezers, and thread and I can't be sure that the top layer will work until I put it into water so the Aquamesh disappears, and I have nothing but a fragile piece of netting.  Finding a background fabric that will work can be another challenge.  I have asked myself many times, "why are you doing all this?"  The answer is, when it works, I really like it. Why?  I've always loved mozaic because of all those small pieces and how they fit together to make a whole.  Also, I have a belief that small actions,(pieces) make a difference.  When small acts of loving kindness come together, it can create big change for good.  

I still have a lot of work to do before I even begin to see perfection.  I want to try to use fabric paint to make my own background fabric and I want to get better with content.  This lesson has made me think and write. 

The first quilt is called Water: Precious resource.  I like the splash of blue with the orange coming through but I don't like the shape of the top. Also, I wish I had carried through with the "sky" of orange instead of leaving part of it pure background.  The top piece does not hang well because of that. 

The second piece is one of my favorites.  "Tiger in Tall Grass": Tiger hiding in tall grass;  Camouflaged strength and patience; Waiting, resting, watching; is the artist statement.  Because the pieces are a larger, the work hangs better and I like the asymmetry of tiger.  I hate that humans have killed so many of these beautiful animals.