Vernon S.

1. WEEK SIX   -  Alignment

If there is a book that I HATE and  refuse to reread or even own a copy of, iit, perhaps it is sychronicity at work , it would have to be the one which is quoted at the start OFF THE ESSAY.

Do not interpret this as anti-muslim, the KORAN is a personal FAVORITE

The story behind it contains wounds that are too raw to disturb at present.


I love working with my hands, the tactile contact is extremely important.

To  be honest, I  LAUGH at the  mixed media gook that is popular where someone writes the word ART on a canvas, embelishes it, and expects the viewer to have an “out of body experience.”

I do not find that remotely interesting.  To eACH THEIR OWN.  Some may call that ART, I Do not, nor do I make that claim for my own work.  I do NOT even  CLAIM nor think I am  ABLE TO DEFINE WHAT is art?  I do know that some things are NOT Art.  THEY ARE OPIATES FOR THE MASSES, that are poor substitutes for  religion, that  is just  my opinion, not a  condemnation.  

If someone wants to stand on a street corner and paint  landscapes with a cup of his or her  own feces, that is their right, but do not ask me to call it art. <grin>

Below is a small ceramic.  A rose and its leaves are lying on the ground.  We do not know the details of how it got there or why.  We do know there is a story there and I hope you will wonder about it.

That, I believe is the task of the artist, to make us see those moments and wonder.

Work In Progress

Work In Progress