Linda E.

What a great week of insight. Yes, I am still reading, now into Sacred Contracts ( which is a class on its own). The themes of alignment, balance and perfection really have drawn me in. My sister named me Miss Perfect way back when and being a Gemini I am always torn in two different directions in my mind- one way intuition the other staying on task and following through.

I've seen them as opposites and now must learn to integrate the two skill sets. I've even learned this about myself in my work life. I must be organized, positive, clear and a self starter to do consulting and these are the same skills needed to complete art projects of which I am the director. 

I found listing my skill set showed that I have acquired many skills through various workshops  books and videos, and for the most part I love what I do. Yes, there are areas that have room for improvement and some skills that I enjoy engaging in less than others. One key for me is slowing down, doing the planning and the work regarding content before playing and getting into various techniques. I've always said this to myself but let the intuitive part of my creative self control the show. But, what I have found is that in the end, after putting in all the hours and having thought through problems I have created, I think that I come to the same conclusion, there should have been a better plan to get there. 

I have let myself believe that I would not have ended up where I have in my pieces if I followed a plan but really knowing how I love the unknown turn in the project I think if there were a master plan I could still follow down that path intuitively. 

Sitting with a recently finished piece for a juried show I know I had time constraints and size constraints, other than that I was free to create. I had a rough idea - Gelliprinting Beets and making a complex cloth- fun and something I was equipped to do. Although, Gelliprinting was new to me! Here I am using the excuse of a show to try some new technique, maybe not the smartest thing to do, but it inspired me to start the project . 

BEET HARVEST critique:

 I should have done a test run with the printing and colour mixing. I would have been satisfied more along the way. The piece was an effort to make it work the more time I put into it.

This has happened with pieces in the past. My intuitive process frees the creative turns in the project . But in the end I always say the same thing to myself in the  critique- if I just slowed down and planned at the beginning it would have been "perfect". But I've always excused myself, saying this is how I work, this is my signature but AST is teaching me how to re-think that.

I have the skill set, and confidence to try different techniques where appropriate but haven't really EMBRACED and APPRECIATED the importance of composition and content. I realized now I have been creating problems for myself, struggles when maybe I should have allowed myself some practice runs and made work samples alongside the real piece. Allow myself to start over, go back to perfect. I never want to let go of anything and always love a small part of it and want to work it in, thinking it is there for a reason.

Strengths- lots of detail work- free motion, beading hand stitching. Created a piece that made the viewer curious, whats underneath the layer, what is it, how was that done.

Weaknesses-Gelliprinting- sloppy on edges of fabric, printed to the edges then loved the details so I ended up cutting away the parts not intended to print.This took me a new direction.

I could have mixed the colours better before printing. Ended up with some very strong pigments I struggled with the entire project. Would have changed the size while working if not for a juried show with specific size criteria, didn't need to be as long and big. Part of my struggle in finishing.

Always wanting to include so much, creates finishing a struggle ( weight and hanging straight, what to put on back to balance ect)

Perfection- Unique piece as far as combination of techniques. Visual curiosity draws viewer in to the piece.

On to this next week. Also,I was playing with while cleaning- cut up old letters and collaged and phototransfered. That cleaning and clearing project has taken me on a journey of where I have been and where I am going that I love.