Kathie B.

I had the best intentions for last week with scheduled studio time but things didn't work out as planned.  

I had a challenging week and found the questions in this lesson to be difficult to answer.   Its sometimes two steps forward and one step back. Then again it can be one step forward and two steps back.  It was that kind of week.  What am I good at?  became what was I good at?   The voice in my head telling me that I am really good at anything anymore.  I need to conjure up a rebel to fight that voice.  I answered the questions but I don't think I answered them as completely as I could.  At some point I wrote "this is not working" in my journal.  So I will repeat the lesson this week.

I do have fairly recent piece up on my design board and am analyzing why I like this piece because I do like it. It is the last piece I made before Bill died and I wish very much it could be a springboard for more work so I want to figure out what it is about this piece that works for me.

As far as creative work, the week was a bust. I tried playing with a concept for a new piece but I am not very good at playing in the studio.  I just don't think I got that gene. Then I attempted to access some fabric I had brought from the studio and stored in an antique cabinet.  Some how it became locked and the key no longer worked.  I spent most of a day trying to get into it before I managed to jimmy it open using some vegetable oil, the key & a credit card (thank you Thomas Magnum).  I have since moved the fabric to a better location but the whole thing threw me off my game.  I looked at what I had been working on, realized that it wasn't what I wanted put everything away.  And on Monday I still haven't taken it out.

To be honest I have been dealing with a major non-art issue.  It is important and almost urgent that I deal with it.  But its a major, major expense so I need to make the right decision. This has been weighing heavily on me and probably impacting everything I do.  Today I got a very important piece of information that has pretty much settled the question; I know what I need to do.  Maybe with this settled I can turn my focus back to art and the workshop.

The hardest part for me these 6 weeks has been consistency.