Mirjam A.

A roller coaster of emotions, with many moments of  “a reality check” what my personal life was concerned and therefore the influence that has in regards to my Art Work.

Typical, I got stuck at the same point with my artwork, the Reason is becoming clearer and I questioned how to work through this frustrating time.   A process I can now face, no, I cannot face it but I am going to try and see where it leads me. 

The list of strengths and where growth is needed seems to evolve all the time.  Perfection is possible and “joy to the journey”, that is why I am going to face my perceived strengths or lack of technique not to mention the C word “Confidence”.

I have made a pyramid where perfection is at the top and several pathways to the top helping me in a visual way to achieve my first mile.  After the first step the next and plot…plot…plot along. 

No more blocking out opportunities that need some hard work, I will keep looking until a satisfactory practical answer is found and implemented.

While reading my own writing I realize that I am making a promise to myself, let’s say “workshop 6” has moved me profoundly.