Melinda A.

I could completely relate to the story in this week's essay.  That is exactly how I feel.  The creativity seems to be gone and I am tired of what seems to be doing the same thing over and over again.  

Several years ago I took some quilting classes to learn more than the basic surface design techniques I had learned in school.  I wanted to incorporate all of this into my wearable art, which many times I made it a point that is was not wearable.  

Then I started to make it more wearable because I was told by someone on my committee that I should.  Over the last couple years for competitions, I feel like I have done the same or very similar items and they no longer get in and I have no interest in doing them.  The creative spark really seems to be missing.  A big part of that is time.  It gets stolen so easily with the demands of work and family.

Anyway, I have sent in the picture of this garment which is one of the last ones that I really liked and enjoyed doing.  I spent time doing things and then taking them out because I did not like them.  I was also trying out a new pattern book with Japanese pattern designs.  I had to do conversions from metric to inches and create the pattern, then test it and fix any mistakes.  I got to use this green silk that I had bought in Thailand.  The garment is titled Green with Envy.