Ann K.

Things I’m good at, rated by how much I currently like them (top 10 of 35)

  1. aerial pole 
  2. makeup artistry 
  3. costume making
  4. math 
  5. surface pattern design
  6. fabric dyeing 
  7. color theory
  8. visual design
  9. sociology
  10. coding

What I’d like to be better at:

  1. Other aerials such as silks and lyra
  2. sewing
  3. graphic design
  4. drawing
  5. choreography
  6. stage makeup

Perfection isn’t literally perfection to me. It’s about being the best I can at something, or achieving a goal I set for myself. Right now I have been really busy working towards choreographing a dance routine for a student showcase. If I tried to be the best, or tried to be perfect, I wouldn’t even be able to get started. I would give up. About 16 months ago I started taking classes in aerial pole (I know it's kind of an unusual sport but I love it). I was really bad at it. I did not have the strength to hold up my body weight, and it was hard to understand how to execute the moves. While most classmates were spinning and climbing in a couple months, it took me twice as long to even learn every move. But as much as I struggled, something about dance just felt wonderful and expressive. Gaining upper body strength is incredibly empowering too, and now I can haul my 185 lb. body up a 16 foot pole with ease. Last summer I watched our studio’s student showcase, and I set a goal that I wanted to be a performer the next year. 

So what does perfection look like for me? I am choreographing my own routine with minor help from a few instructors. I am choosing Level 1 and 2 moves that are within my range, but also demonstrate my strength. I want to have fluid transitions, pointed toes, and clean technique. I am even going to do my own stage makeup and dye my costume. I’ll just be proud of myself for getting out there and not falling over, and hopefully this is the first of many performances to come. 

I am putting other hobbies aside, as I’ve lately been spreading myself too thin. I’m trying to cancel unnecessary social obligations unless I feel like they’ll help me recharge my batteries. I have a tendency to get too wrapped up in hobbies, so I’m being very protective of my time. I am lowering my engagement with social media because I can find it very draining and unproductive.