Yda W.

This past week has been a surreal one. My daughter's university closed down 3 weeks before they were about to write their end of year exams as students are protesting the annual fee increase. The protests have spread to all universities in SA and closed them all down. I agree with the students complaints, but feel so worried about how this will all end, as we have a corrupt government, and a history of inequality that continues to this day.

So, what has that all to do with making art and participating fully in this course? I guess I have been feeling very distracted by the news around me, and unable to concentrate on anything much aside from doing the basic stuff. But I did manage to cut two more birds, and here is one of them which I printed today, using chine colle (the tissue paper that is glued with wallpaper paste on the print), and feel pleased with the first print, although want to experiment more with it.  When I read the lesson on alignment, before my attention wandered, I realized that I was quite happy with my skills, so its content that I need to look at.